Turns out it gets worse

That’s the headline from the most recent Comics Curmudgeon post, which I happened to read shortly before the White Sox took a big ol’ dog dump against the Yankees on Saturday. It works here, too.
Anyway, I’m just going to do a few quick hits and save the breakdown of the Mount St. Guillen eruption for Monday (there’s the audio).
Joe Posnanski wrote a magnum opus on the Royals that’s worth reading — but this part hit a little too close to home:

But that is what it’s like watching the Royals … even when they score runs it’s painful. They don’t go first to third. They don’t go second to home. They need two hits and a sac fly to get their leadoff man home from first. The Royals lost the game 4-2 and there was so little energy in their effort that, as a football coach used to tell me, “If you could harness all that energy you wouldn’t have enough to start a flea motorcycle.”

If you replaced “Royals” with “White Sox,” it still would work. Good teams — hell, parts of teams like good offenses or good bullpens — make things look easy. Nothing ever looks easy for the Sox.

Forget it, Jake - it's Chitown.
Forget it, Jake. It's Chitown.
Jake Peavy knows that first-hand.
He left his rehab start in Norfolk after 3 1/3 innings with elbow tightness. He threw 68 pitches — well short of his desired 100 — and ended up allowing two runs on four hits, with one walk and three strikeouts.
There’s a whole lot of cacaphony surrounding his rehab. Apparently Ozzie Guillen and Kenny Williams even have different philosophies, so it’s hard to blame people for getting impatient.
My philosophy — make 2010 the priority. It doesn’t matter how well Peavy pitches if the Sox can only muster one hit off the likes of Sergio Mitre.
Jared Mitchell could also be done for 2009 thanks to a leg injury that has caused him to miss three of the last four games, according to Larry.
When it rains, it snows.
Joe Crede hit the DL recently, which could prompt his retirement. It’s a shame, but there’s a little solace in knowing that he wouldn’t be able to help out the Sox’s horrible defense right now.
Minor league roundup:

  • Charlotte 6, Norfolk 2
    • Tyler Flowers went 2-for-4 with a double and an RBI. He struck out once.
    • Chris Getz went 2-for-4 with a walk; Dewayne Wise went 0-for-5 with a strikeout.
    • Cole Armstrong had two hits in five at-bats, including a double.
    • Kelvin Jimenez (2 2/3 IP, 1 H, 4 K), Fernando Hernandez (2 IP, 1 H, 1 BB, 2 K) and Jon Link (1 IP, 1 H, 1 BB, 2 K) were unscored upon in relief.
  • Birmingham 7, Huntsville 6
    • Jordan Danks went 1-for-4 with an RBI and a strikeout.
    • Dayan Viciedo went hitless in four at-bats with a strikeout, but drove in a run.
    • Dave Cook singled and walked twice.
  • Lynchburg 2, Winston-Salem 1 (Game 1, 7 innings)
    • Tyler Kuhn and Brent Morel each went 2-for-3, with Kuhn doubling and Morel driving in the lone run.
    • Dylan Axelrod avoided big trouble, scattering nine hits over five innings and only being punished by a solo homer. He struck out two.
    • Nathan Jones allowed a run on a hit over two innings of work.
  • Winston-Salem 9, Lynchburg 7 (Game 2, 7 innings)
    • Seth Loman went 3-for-4 with a homer and two RBI.
    • Morel went 0-for-4 with a strikeout; Justin Greene singled and walked.
    • Anthony Carter served up three gopher balls en route to seven runs over 4 1/3 innings. He gave up five hits, one walk and hit two batters.
  • Kannapolis 7, Greensboro 2
    • Joe Serafin gave up just one run over seven innings, scattering five hits and a walk while striking out six.
    • Eduardo Escobar went 3-for-5 with a double.
    • Jon Gilmore (3 RBI) and Josh Phegley (2 RBI) each hit timely doubles.
  • Great Falls 6, Helena 0
    • Nick Ciolli and Jesus Avila each had three hit games, with Ciolli hitting a double.
    • Kyle Colligan went 2-for-4 with a double and an RBI.
    • Matt Wickswat struck out seven over six innings. He allowed just three hits.
    • Jacob Wilson (2 IP, 3 K) and Gregory Johnson (1 IP, 1 K) retired each man they faced.

Larry reviewed the week in the minors, as well.

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Updating a previous post from a long time ago, in the Dank’s race to see who will have more K’s, Johnny boy has taken a pretty substantial 125 to 99 K lead over Jordan. Pretty sure it would be a dead heat if Jordan didnt get hurt though.


Hey Jim (or anyone)
You got any guesses as to who will get some September love’n when rosters expand?


You know, Notre Dame football is looking pretty good right now.


Ozzie mentioned Fields, Wise, Getz, Torres, Flowers and the need for a lefty in the pen today in the Sun Times.


I figured after Ozzie’s chew out last night in the media, the Sox might bounce back or at least play like they want to be there. When I took a break from painting, they were down 3-2 but the way they were playing, I didn’t think it was over. When I came back and it was 8-2, my dad said he didn’t know what happened (some nonsense about switching to the Cubs game which is what happens when I’m the only Sox fan in the house) so I can only assume it was the bullpen. Correct me if I’m wrong.
It was then that I realized that the point of no return is fast approaching for this team. It’s not a talent issue, it’s not a managerial issue, not entirely at least. It’s a mental issue. These guys are big boys. Even if Ozzie is part of the problem (which he might), they can still go out there and play with fire (which they haven’t). Instead they seem to have circled the wagons.
Even though I’ll still watch the rest of the season, I’m with cushinglee on this one.


Not necessarily Notre Dame… more college football in general. Maybe the Illini, maybe Elmhurst. Not quite sure yet. I live in a realistic household, therefore, we all are looking forward to Bears season.


Ozzie is having an off year, but greg walker and jeff cox have had off careers, those bastards should have been gone long time ago.
Its not a talent issue either this offense performing like this is just shocking. Too much talent to be poo dicking 2 or 3 runs every game it seems and 11 shutouts is a joke. Its no longer the zach greinkes of the world either, or the excuses for the rookies we have never seen, now its established bums like sergio mitre and literally every guy in the yankee pen shutting us down. Just sad.
ND football couldnt schedule a womans college or they might have so they will still probably manage a 7 or 8 win season, which likely gets them a BCS bid because the BCS is about as screwed up as the baseball draft and free agent compensation system.


Well there is one bright spot this season for me. I found this blog. It’s been a pleasure sounding off with all of you so far.