Sox Machine is back, and pardon my dust

(Update to the update: Registration is fixed.)
Tell your sons, tell your daughters, tell your friends, tell your neighbors — I’ve relaunched Sox Machine on a new platform (Wordpress MU), and the pros outweigh the cons.
All the details after the jump (and yes, posts can jump now):

Really, there’s just one con — it’ll be an undetermined amount of time until I have the previous years’ worth of posts.  I’m guessing I won’t be able to tackle it until the offseason.  C’est la vie.
The pros are numerous.  In bullet-point form:

  • It’s Wordpress, which means it’s highly supported and customizations are being developed all the time.
  • Comments are threaded — easier to reply to individual posts for more of an actual discussion.
  • You can also embed links (using <a> tags) in the comments now.
  • The search function is better, which combined with post tagging will make everything more accessible.
  • While there’s no mobile version yet, you can post comments by phone.
  • There are numerous plugins to create a mobile version, but I haven’t been able to test any of them out.
  • E-mail support for lost passwords and such actually work.

And so on.  To summarize: This will be better.  I’ll just be building on to it as I go.
You’ll still have to register. I know it’s a pain in the ass, but it helps keep the drive-by morons at bay.
I’m up for any more suggestions if you have them. It may be a while until I’m actually able to address them, but now I feel more confident that I’ll, you know, be able to address them.
Thanks for your patience.

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Welcome back. It’s been a long month!


For real. Hope everything runs smoothly from here on out. Good luck, Jim, you’re the best.


Glad to have you back…looking forward to some good baseball dissection


Good to have you back Jim. I was scared something happened to you.

The Cheat

I is all signed up


Glad to see you’re back up and running again.


Thank you for getting it restarted and all the hard work you put in.
I can’t get enough of the great pics.
You da’ man.


…and Wordpress is pretty good. I don’t have much ability when it comes to computers and I use it for my business’s website too. It works okay.


Why WordPress MU? Why not just WordPress?


Soxmachine and State of the Sox? Are there any others or plans for more?


couldn’t you just have one blog and use Categories for each subsection?