Lazy Monday

Channeling Ed Farmer, I’ll say this: It was nice to see the Sox show some signs of life in the Metrodome.
Sure, those signs included Jermaine Dye restraining Alexei Ramirez from going after A.J. Pierzysnki and Ozzie Guillen booting Bazooka Joe across the front of the dugout. But the alternative would be far worse considering the series of lazy efforts shown preceding the emotional explosion.
Lazy play No. 1: Pierzynski allows a passed ball that puts Brendan Harris in scoring position.
This wouldn’t be as noteworthy had Pierzynski not done this the day before. He made a minimal effort to catch a good Clayton Richard slider in the dirt and it turned a Curtis Granderson strikeout into a runner on first.
Richard worked past that one. This time, the Sox weren’t so lucky.
Lazy play No. 2: Jayson Nix’s attempt to get the second out on a double play skips past Paul Konerko.
Nix’s part was anything but lazy.  Ill-advised perhaps, but he got the ball to first with Carlos Gomez bearing down on him.
Problem was, Konerko didn’t come up with it, and Harris came around to score. This wouldn’t be such a big deal in and of itself, except it was followed by…
Lazy play No. 3: Konerko can’t glove Danks’ throw on a nubber.
It wasn’t a great throw by Danks, but Konerko didn’t get his glove all the way to the ground. Had he done that, the inning would’ve been over.  Instead, it skipped through the wickets.
Neither play was routine, but Konerko’s gotta come up with one of them. Even if he just blocks Nix’s throw.
Lazy play No. 4: Alexei Ramirez is slightly tardy covering second on a steal attempt.
This one didn’t cost the Sox, as Pierzynski threw a two-seamer to second and it would’ve tailed away from the base, anyway. It only looked bad on television — including the aftermath.
The most distressing part: The Dome had nothing to do with it.  There weren’t any weird bounces, hops, or balls getting lost in the roof.  Gomez’s broken bat probably would’ve played the same on grass.
For all the talk about how the Sox hate the Metrodome because of all the bad things that happen there, I’d expect them to try their damndest to make sure a series of small events don’t snowball on them.  Four miscues borne from an insufficient effort give me the impression that the Sox are resigned to their fate.
That’s why it’s good the Sox had some sort of reaction, because I’d hate to see the emo postgame reaction if they didn’t.  It helps that they played mistake-free ball the rest of the way (Danks’ not-inside fastball to Michael Cuddyer notwithstanding).
But hey — tip of the hat to Scott Linebrink, though. With Matt Thornton deeming the birth of his child more important than a series in Minnesota, Linebrink had the unenviable task of facing two of the Twins’ three best left-handed hitters in the eighth inning.  He retired them 1-2-3.

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Anytime cap tipping is involved, a loss can be expected.


Ozzie should kick Alexi in the rear end and sit him for a couple of days. He is not playing the type of shortstop that Sox fans deserve to see!!


I’d kick AJ in the ass before Alexei. Not accustomed to laziness from him. Especially two games in a row. Another explanation?


Yeah, Alexei was the third-worst defender on Tuesday, and it’s hard to tell how much he was even culpable. A.J.’s throw was behind the runner, either way.
We’ll see if Brian Anderson is at fault for the terrible Dome play, won’t we?